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Liaocheng Xintai Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

Domestic sales: 0635-3267529

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Address: North of Xiangjiang Road, Dong'a Economic Development Zone

Xintai Culture

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Company philosophy target:

Day: Forging fine products, creating famous brands, sustainable operation; listing

 in five years, creating rich people.

Place: Pursue zero defects in products and achieve unlimited service.

People: Get paid for high quality and efficiency, and get bonuses for innovation


Harmony : People have the same mind, and the world gathers talents; To create

a miracle, Xintai is the first!


Enterprise spirit: innovation, rigorous, pioneering and enterprising

Purpose of the enterprise: serve customers, wealthy employees, return to shareholders, and contribute to society

Production policy: Survive by quality, develop by variety, and credibility by servic e

Quality policy: high quality and efficiency, pursuit of excellence, integrity-based, customer first

Business philosophy: Honest and trustworthy, stable and sustainable, quick response, satisfying customers



Company philosophy target



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